Aurora Alternative aims not only to get to know your student but also to help them get to know themselves. The ‘Time 4 Change’ Project is a key community component and learning experience offered by our school. Starting in the Winter term, students will be given the opportunity to start their own group business for a charity of their choice, moved by one that is close to their heart. Students will create a company name, logo, slogan and plan. They will be encouraged to call upon their passions and interests to find ways to raise funds for their chosen charity. The sky is the limit here! Students will be encouraged to think big and creatively and will discover more about what fuels them. As they see their ideas materialize, this will instil greater self-esteem and confidence to take risks, overcome challenges and discover their offerings to the world.This project will hopefully provide some insights into the students’ strengths and passions which may be transferred into careers. Students will also be assisted with application forms to High Schools and support will be given with the My Blueprint process.