As a passionate educator of 30 years, I have been inspired by the many countries I have lived in and visited. Having taught in London, England for 15 years as a French/Spanish and Comparative Religions High School teacher, I thrived in the multiculturalism of a city bustling with immigrants and refugees. The students I met, filled my heart with their courage, determination and joy. I was inspired by their desire to improve their life circumstances through the gift of education. In those classrooms, student respect was earned as many of the systems that they had relied on had failed them. Finding ways to engage them was a challenge, but what a delight when their curiosity was tweaked and their trust was gained. It was here that I began to understand the power of learning and the importance of relationship. I learned that there is no end to the possibility and potential here. 

I also had grown up hearing stories and reading articles about Summerhill school, revolutionary in its mission to impassion and engage young minds and hearts. I wanted to bring this energy and philosophy to the urban classroom.  I was fortunate enough to teach in Paris for several years, complimenting my understanding of teaching in a diverse and inner city environment , but with a fresh twist. Added to this mix, my travels to Israel and life on Kibbutz opened my eyes to the importance of nature as an inherent teacher and impressed on me the value of community and camaraderie. This was accentuated in New Zealand where I furthered my understanding of ecological literacy and the interconnectedness of life and learning. As a parent of a child in TDSB’s alternative outdoor education Equinox Holistic Alternative school, the years of accompanying school trips to the Evergreen Brickworks and the Pine Project helped me see, first hand, the deep rooted impact of this type of enrichment.

My travels brought me to Toronto which is where I now call Home. I have worked for the TDSB as both a Grade 5/6 French Immersion teacher and as a Grade 7/8 Core and Homeroom teacher.

In addition, I graduated from the Transpersonal Therapy Centre in 2008 and have a small practice where I work with individuals and families. As well, I have facilitated many groups for adults working with personal growth, movement and meditation. 

All these experiences, the places and the people, are integrated into the fabric of who I am as a human being and who I am as a teacher.

What is a Micro School?

Micro Schools are independent or private schools that offer an alternative to mainstream schooling . Class sizes are smaller and the focus is on a more personalised program of study. The aim is to fuel student engagement and develop skills that allow for a holistic and meaningful education. 

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