One of the most valued principles at Aurora is that every student is also a teacher. At Aurora, this philosophy is a real and alive practice. We are delighted to include an eclectic and inspiring array of young adults and teens as part of the Aurora team !

They are excited to offer monthly workshops incorporating a wide variety of themes from tye dying, baking, song writing, art and activism, volleyball, transitions from Middle School to High School to Higher Education and the world of work. The possibilities here are endless. A little bit about them is included below and our hope is that one day, you will be seeing your child on this very page !


A grade 12 student at Monarch Park Collegiate, Coner is an avid volleyball player of 8 years and now teaches volleyball in the summer to younger students, hoping to pass on his passion. Coner has a love of the outdoors and a curiosity and awe of the world around him and will be taking this interest further, hoping to study Environmental Science at Lakehead University.


Growing up on anime and cartoons, Sarah taught herself how to draw the characters we all knew and loved at a young age. Something else she learned from the anime and cartoons that she used to watch as a child is the lack of representation. This is what inspired her to create the art she puts out today. Sarah’s artistic message is this: Representation Matters. All of her pieces incorporate people, especially women, of marginalized groups as she believes it is important for those in these groups to be able to view themselves and relate to characters in the art world, including anime, cartoons, video games and mainstream media. Sarah’s artistic goal is to create images of those not equally represented, as well as promote self-love and self-admiration by giving viewers a chance to see themselves as they truly are: works of art.

Keira, Rowan, Yana, Luella and Lilah

These wonderful young women have just started their life at Riverdale High School. A whole new world of possibilities, opportunities, friendships and experiences has opened up for them. They share a common artistic and creative flair along with both academic and personal ambition, enthusiasm and passion. A paramedic, author, fashion designer and teachers in the making. Rowan created our beautiful and inspiring school logo.


Farheen is 17 and currently in Grade 12 and very excited to graduate and pursue studies in law. Farheen describes herself as smart, having a compassionate heart, and loves to help others. Farheen is always willing to take on new adventures and looks forward to new opportunities and all life has to offer. Farheen is excited to share her experiences of High School with Aurora students.