“Expression’ is the nucleus of the curriculum here at Aurora Alternative and students will explore ways to express themselves confidently and creatively through many diverse subject areas and experiences.  Students are provided with infinite avenues for learning :`all is possible’. Students are invited to dive into the true spirit and meaning of Education; a word derived from the Latin ‘duce’ to lead. Aurora Alternative wholeheartedly believes in cultivating the leader in each student and sincerely trusts and respects the intelligence that is deeply rooted in each child. The school has a mentoring program, where older teens are invited to share their expertise and passions with students at Aurora.  

The aim of teaching at Aurora is to create a meaningful learning experience where students can see themselves reflected through the lessons presented. No two years at Aurora will be the same and as we get to know students, we will ensure that students’ interests, curiosities and personalities will be woven into the curriculum planning. Students will also be  encouraged to move out of their comfort zone. They will be invited to take risks with the learning and explore new and innovative ideas.  In this way, students will be invited to shine as brightly as they possibly can.