We are delighted to be offering you what we consider to be an exciting, engaging, holistic and ambitious learning opportunity. 

Created at the dawn of a new era, Aurora offers a bright and vibrant alternative to what has become a confining and limited educational system. Our school aims to bring more freedom, movement and spaciousness to the learning experience. At Aurora, there is an understanding of the importance of these Junior & Middle School years as a crucial transition. Class sizes are small and personal and all teaching and learning will honour and focus on both the academic and social-emotional growth of each student. Our school provides an engaging, challenging, heart-full environment with a diverse, holistic and traditional curriculum . Students are well prepared for either alternative or TDSB High School paths.


At the heart of the school, the intention is to:


curiosity, self expression and innate wisdom


empowered learners and leaders


confidence, creativity and the joy of learning 


healthy and strong relations to self, other and community 


in Nature and encourage mindfulness and well-being